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We saw that IHC Cards was not utilizing their Blog, so we immediately went to work creating new and relevant content for their industry.

IHC Cards asked us to go on a journey with them right before the release of a new booster series for the trading card game MetaZoo. The UFO Series pre-order started at midnight on July 14th 2022 and the transition went off without a hitch. We will talk more about this in our ICH Cards Case Study when we have more data from the campaign.

After doing some industry research for our client, we found that the Official Rulebook was not in a suitable format not just for SEO, but also for user experience. We wanted to impress our client, so we took the liberty of doing our best to make an exact copy of the MetaZoo Official Rulebook. Since our client is an official partner with the company, we felt that it was appropriate for them to have their own copy of the Rulebook.

Reviews from IHC Cards


“Dude, the site is looking amazing! I really appreciate all the work you did there!”

Momma Heiss

“Our website is awesome! Thank you so much!!! You have gone above and beyond!”

“Let me say it again, you are awesome!”

Sister Jen

“We couldn’t have pulled it off without you!”


“…we all appreciate the work you put in for this company and treated it like it was your own. Truly, I am thankful…”

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