Starboard Digital

Website Design and Management Services

Technology moves fast. Best web design practices change almost annually. Stop wasting your time working on your website and allow us to take the helm for your web design.

Every web design is a limitless adventure.

At Starboard Digital we love working with our clients and designing websites for them. We are passionate and dedicated crew who implement creative solutions that work.  No matter if you are looking for a new website, a redesign, or just someone to maintain and manage your website. We are happy to be on board with you and are excited to begin a new adventure together. 

Navigating the digital sea of online web development

There are plenty of web design and website development solutions online. It doesn’t make sense for anyone to stress over figuring out the correct  or best platform to use. WordPress, Wix, Shopify, just to name a few. These are all great tools and some offer better features than others. We don’t want you wasting your time trying to find the best one for your business. Allow us at Starboard Digital to figure out which one suits you and your needs. 

While we primarily work with WordPress due to its flexibility and countless tools, we focus on doing what works best for you and your goals.

Our Process

Brand Research

Step 1. We start with research your brand, business, and/or niche/ That way we have a better understanding of what will work for you and how you can beat your competition.


Step 2. We will make a rough draft of the website for you. Providing it has been approved, our crew will get to work building the website from the proposed design.


Step 3. We submit the rough design of the website for you to review. At this point it is up to you for any final changes.


Step 4. Once we have finished the revisions, we do the final touches of making sure your website follows responsive web design standards for mobile devices. We will also throw in some complimentary light SEO too.

Final Review

Step 5. Once the optimization is complete, it is time for a final review! Providing everything has been signed off on, it is time for the final step.

Set sail

Step 6. The final step. This is when we will go ahead and launch the website for you. Congratulations, you now have a unique Starboard Digital Website!

We make sure we are always honest and transparent with our clients. While we take you on adventure with your new website design, we want to make sure you feel as if you were at the helm. You will have as big of a role during the creative process as you want. Making sure we work with you, meet your goals, and do it all affordably is our primary mission.