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Stop allowing your competition to beat with being found online. Join Starboard Digital and we will help you reach your destination to the top of your SERPs with our SEO Services.

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Search Engine Optimization is typically one of the last considerations that entrepreneurs have when starting a business. So it’s no surprise when the world isn’t able to find your business or blog online. That is, unless they already know about you. If you are not thinking about SEO, you will be left behind and dominated by your competition. We don’t want to let that happen to you.

Here at Starboard Digital we make sure you are found online, drive sales, and increase conversions. We provide some of the best SEO Services both locally and nationally, for anyone who needs them. Start-ups, established businesses, or even personal websites and blogs. 

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Navigating you through SEO and SEM

Results though Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO, is the practice and focus on gaining search traffic through optimizing your website and meta data focusing on specific target keywords. While that sounds simple, it’s very easy to “over optimize” your website and hurt your ranking potential. We recommend leaving it up to the professionals that way you can focus on what is important.

When it comes to SEO there’s two forms of results, organic and paid. We like to focus on organic SEO instead of paid. That helps keep our services affordable. However, depending on your needs and budget we may recommend our SEM Services and PPC Management.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing

The less known companion to SEO would be SEM. Search Engine Marketing is where you are not solely focused on organic traffic, but you’re also investing in earning paid traffic. This is normally done through Google Ads and Pay Per Click Management, however you can also use services such as Bing Ads or Yahoo Ads.

Why choose Starboard Digital for your SEO Strategy?

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are both time intensive tasks and can provide challenges when you’re not navigating around properly. Working together means that we will help you achieve your goals and ensure that you are found online. We offer our professional SEO services at an unbeatable rate. Contact us today to get started!